Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Questions for Past and Current Fellows

Current and future fellows might be asking, where could this experience take me?

To answer that question, I will be interviewing a few of our past fellows and sharing what I learn here. Current fellows will be posting stories whenver possible.

Current fellows:
1. How do you describe this fellowship to your family? How do they respond?
2. Who is the most interesting person you've met so far?

Past fellows:
1. Looking back, how has the fellowship influenced your career?
2. As a fellow, who was the most interesting person you met?
3. What advice do you have for current or potential fellows?

Please post additional questions for past fellows, current fellows, or me, the Sea Grant moderator and fellowship recruiter.


  1. I'm wondering what fields the past fellows are working in now? Are they in business or government or research?

  2. I wish I could talk to some of the fellows that have worked on remote sensing of the Great Lakes.


  3. fyousef,

    Remote sensing wasn't a specialty of mine while I was there, but I was involved in some of the GLC's activities in regional data exchange and I might be able to answer some questions or point you toward some other information. You can either leave your comments here or try to reach me at 734-274-5183.
    Jon Dettling (2003-2004 GLC - Sea Grant Fellow)

  4. Hello,

    Thanks for your reply. I was wondering if anyone in GLC has worked on case II waters, which includes great lakes waters, algorithms for calculating proper amount of chl-a and also works that have done about shallow waters like Green Bay. I'm also interested to know if anyone in GLC has worked with MODIS imagery (or any other source) to measure the proper amount of primary production in Lake Superior. Previous algorithms has problem with water transparency of Lake Superior and therefore has overestimated its Chl-a amount.

    Other than this, It would be great if I know what other activities have been going on about remote sensing of great lakes in the past.

    I appreciate your help and thanks again for getting back to me.