Friday, January 22, 2010

What does it take to become a NOAA fellow?

Not all of the NOAA Coastal Management Fellows have the traditional science and policy background you might expect.

Coastal Fellow Matt Nixon has cultivated a great enthusiasm for New England maritime history, both in his studies and in reallife adventures. It is fitting, then, that this particular coastal fellow should gain a crow’s-nest view of New England’s maritime future—harnessing the power of the Gulf of Maine through the wind, tides, and other forms of energy.

A denizen of the big city becomes a nature lover, an admirer of philosophy turns protector of the coastal environment—at first glance, the life of Coastal Fellow Daniella Hirschfeld is a study in contrasts. Only later is it evident that Daniella has absorbed the lesson in each experience, and her outlook is all the better for it.

Read the full story in the fellow newsletter.

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